• The clip does not work on my player, I can not read the clip. I've sounds problem. A lot of green areas appear on the screen when I try to read the clip ?
  • Our movie clip are compressed with Windows Media Player 9.0's codec
    If you can not read correclty our clips, that's probably because you don't have the right codecs installed on your computer. iN this case you can :
    _Download and then install Windows Media Player 9 at this link : Windows Media Serie 9
    _or else, simply update your current Windows Media Players version with the latest codec (if you have a version earlier than the serie 9.0).
    To do this, just go in TOOLS, then OPTIONS m enu of your Windows Media Player, in the PLAYER signet just quote the checkbox : download codec automatically.
    There are no reasons, and it's even not adviced for thoses who have a low power computer, to install the last version of Windows Media Player each time; For example the serie 10 of WMP is really too heavy for low power processor, and so not adviced if you have a low power computer.

  • The clip stop during the video, it's impossible to read all the last part of my clip. My player says the files is corrupted.
  • In this case, probably you didn't download the whole file. Remember that when a clip is fully downloaded, this clip's link will be deactivated (type F5 to refresh your DOWNLOAD AREA pageto see if the link is still active or not).
    An other easy way to be sure you got the whole file is simply to compare the size if MBytes of the files you dowloaded, with the size's file as we wrote in the Clip ordering page. If the size is not the same so it means you didn't get the whole file.

  • My computer is lagging a lot when i play the clip, seems to be overloaded so the quality looks very bad.
  • As we said in the external part of the theater, your computer must follow our minimal requirement rules to play some high quality clips. Minimal requiement is a 1 Ghz CPU. If your computer seems overloaded when you play a clip, we suggest you to stop all task that run in background on your computer (Internet connection, antivirus, firewall, msn, etc...) in order to free as much as possible ressource to play your clip in good conditions.


  • The download's link doesn't work
  • This download system has been tested with all latest version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari and Firefox. If you have problem of this kind you have to ensure to use a compatible browser (for example Internet Explorer 5.0 ou Firefox 1.0).
    It's also possible that such problem is caused by some application son your side that may block the download (Firewall as Zone Alarm, Norton Antivirus etc...)
    Please also take note that must browsers allow a max of 2 simultaneous download per site, but some browsers will only allow one at a time.

  • The download speed is really too slow.
  • As we said in the external part of the theater, downloading some 300 to 500 Mbytes files require a high broadband connection.
    We suggest a minimum of 512 kbps speed (=64 KBytes per secondes maximum, please note that in most case this speed is not warranted on DSL offer).
    Anyway, Internet is just a network, and so the speed you can obtain widely depends of the traffic on this network.
    If your download speed is still insuffisant, we advice you to try again during non-peak hours (morning or after midnight).

    Despite of this, this is normal that downloading a full movie in high quality require several hours, that's why we STRONGLY advice you to use a download manager software, that will allow you to spread your download other several days if your connection parameters don't allow you to download quickly.

  • Why should i use a download manager software?
  • A download manager software, like GetRight (free for 30 days), will allow you to pause your download, and then resume it later without the need to restart the download from the begining.
    Download can require several hours, BUT potentially your connection can be broken at 95% of the file !
    With download manager, you will not have to pray anymore for the download to not stop 5 minutes before being completed !

  • Latest generation of Download Manager, also called DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR or MULTI-PART DOWNLOADER, are NOT SUPPORTED by our system
    If you use such software, you will have to deactivate the accelerator option (by setting the 'number of connection' to one at a time).
    Basically, our system supports only one connection per download, so it's impossible to use the accelerator or muli-part download option on it.

  • Download appears as completed, but actually the files has not been fully downloaded
  • In this case, please refresh the DOWNLOAD AREA page (by typing F5)
    You should see that the download's link for this clip is still active, so you can restart the download.
    Of course if you use Download manager, you will be able to simply resume the broken download from where it was stopped.

  • Will I be able to watch the clip while i'm downloading it?
  • No, the way we manage downloads should not allow you to do this. Remember that you must first download the entire clip, and then watch it from your Hard Drive. In case your player would automatically open and try to play the clip, please restart the download, this time by right clicking on the clip's link, and selecting 'save target as...', that will allow you to choose where you want to save the clip on your hard drive.

  • If the download area 's link doesn't work, please deactivate any anti-popups on your side
    (e.g. google toolbar include an antipopup that you may deactivate on this page for the download area 's link to work fine)

  • All usernames and passwords codes are supposed to works perfectly. In case you would have some authentification problems, please make sure you typed correctly the codes. Each Codes are CaSE SENsiTiVe, it means you should respect lower case and UPPER CASE by writting letters. The username is exactly the email address you provided us, all letters of your username must be typed "in lower case"

  • To be sure you wrote correctly your login and password, please select the codes, then copy CTRL+C and paste CTRL+V those codes into the authentification box


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